About Us

Our Focus is PaaS services integrated with BPO services. Our distinctive driver is to deliver technological advanced solutions, integrated with outsourcing services based on vertical skills in business processes.

DOME: the Next Generation

DOME is the main Digital Asset of Datlas. A native cloud ecosystem designed to implement next generation PaaS Services.


In just four years, Datlas has become a key player, with important customers and an excellent growth trend in its sector: CAGR 018-021 +60%


Our portfolio is fully based on the DOME platform, it is able to guarantee E2E management and ownership of processes in Full Digital and Phygital mode.

KYMA Investment Partners

In July 2021, the KYMA Investment Partners fund joined the Datlas’ capital, with the aim of promoting the company’s portfolio of offerings.

A Solution for each process?

Usually, vertical solutions are built or acquired to manage each process. This approach ensures a high level of performance, but could there be any critical issues, as a consequence?

One Platform for all process?

One Platform supporting all the processes, ensures an integrated Management of Data, cross tracking and the relevant economies of scale. Do we sound too ambitious?

New Ecosystem

Dome is next generation Business Platform (Bpaas). Cloud native architecture and logical microservices allow to join standardization, integrated management and a fast deploy of every vertical solutions.


Web APP CAI Online for full digital management of the CAI/CID form compilation process. Integration with company touchpoints (Qrcode, APP, Website, call center) company systems (Portfolio, Claims, CRM), ANIA database, Google Maps, FEA services.


Tracking portal and E2E data process monitoring: contract lifecycle tracking from customer approval to digital storage. Phygital document monitoring (e.g. pick-up, sorting, and processing documents).


Claims Automation services for automazing classification processes, roles identification and data extraction/validation from documents related to Damage Requests, Notifications and Judicial Documents. Integration of Pec management, OCR, NLP and Semantic Analysis technologies.

Cloud Native

Scalable architecture able to ensure consistent resources and continuous performance even in case of strong situations (e.g. discontinuities in terms of activity peaks, online access and transactions, amplified by the pandemic e.g. activity peaks during and post various lockdowns, smartworking).

Data Lake

Data Management and Storage Architecture and Technologies for ensuring the availability and data analysis with the highest level of granularity and deepening (e.g. metadata, images, process steps, validation outcomes, kpi’s...)


Integrated Dashboards for analyzing real-time workloads, inbound activity peaks, non-conformities, compliance with SLA and KPI’s for each process. A necessary tool for proper governance, starting from operations to compliances.


Best of Breed Cloud Infrastructure (AWS), Integrated Data Encryption Technologies, and a GDPR Native Architecture guarantee high levels of Security and business continuity.

Fast deploy

NO-Code configuration tools guarantees a decrease of the 60% delivery times of new validation and control rules even in the most complex data validation processes (e.g. Life Insurance, Anti-fraud/ Money Laundering, CPI Policies, Legal Acts).


Integrated and smart management of processes and information flows guarantee more value to information by building new ones, and guarantees the development of services and innovative offer models with a special focus on the customer experience of the end-user.


Fabrizio Soru
CEO & Founder

Zlatibor Urosevic