In a development environment a new project always starts with a blank page …


The application platform DOME expresses the Datlas soul and a new business vision: an open and shared solution that supports both advanced and traditional services in a fully revised way.

DOME’s architecture is based on micro-services, which correspond to atomic activities of a process and can be delivered either directly by Datlas or by third parties.

The interconnection of the process micro steps is ensured by specific functional interfaces (PDIs), which define the standard formats that each block required in input and releases as output, ensuring full interoperability of components and integration with the platform.

In addition, DOME functional features inspire all technological and architectural decisions and represent the platform evolution guideline.


  • New Front End

The modern and customizable user interface allows a simple and immediate access to information and applications available within the platform.


  • Complete Monitoring & Tracking

All process steps and elements can be monitored and tracked in every moment, both in aggregate and detailed mode. The interface provides also a complete process report.


  • Full Integration & Interoperability

DOME is based on an open architecture and standard API layer, allowing a complete interoperability and integration with external components and systems.


  • Product Independent

Flexibility and continuous improvement are two basic principles of DOME development: the platform indeed enables hosting and interconnection with independent and innovative components, remaining always aligned with market needs and newest and most-advanced technologies.

  • Fast Deploy

The component architecture, the full interoperability with external systems and the modularization of services and application components allow DOME to quickly implement processes and services.


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